Time Attendance
» The Time System You Can Install
» Fingerprint Biometric or Card/Fob Clocking
» Network, USB or USB Memory Stick connectivity
» Calculates Worked Hours using Grace Time, Lunch
» Fingerprint Biometric or Card/Fob Clocking Terminal.
» HR Facilities including Holiday & Absence Bookings,
» Virtually Unlimited Working Patterns
» Including Single user, 100 employee
» HandPunch Terminal Option Available.
» Virtually Unlimited Working Patterns
» 3 User, 100 Employee Capacity As
» Built-In Scripting Allowing for Complete Control of
» Fingerprint or Card/Fob Clocking Terminals available.
» HR Facilities including Holiday & Absence Bookings,
» Complete ID Card Design Service.

» Full or Single Colour Printing. Single or Dual Side
» RFID Key Ring Fobs Also Available.
» Volume Discounts. Same Day Service on
» Competitive Price Guaranteed.
» To-the-second accuracy of all transactions.
» The ability to validate employee bookings
ETSLite Time System Offers You
» Unlimited number of job/sequence
ETS Express Time System Offers You
» Record breaks and pay category changes whilst
Our Premium Time System Offers You
Our Job Costing System Offers you
Deductions & Quartering. (ETSLite Software)
Access Control Solutions Offer you
» Access Control Solutions for Single
with Flexitime & Rostering.
» Single/Multiple door solutions for upto
captacity as Standard (Upgradeable).
» Multiple door solutions for between 2000 & 32000
Working Time Directive & Links to Payroll.
» Access Control Solutions also available for Fingerprint
including Flexitime.
» All Access Control Solutions able To Interface
Standard (Upgradeable).
Our ID Card Services Offers You
Generated Hours Based upon Your Companies Rules.
through Job Costing in real-time. !
Working Time Directive & Links to Payroll.
changes per employee, per day.
working on jobs with the correct costs being applied.
» Powerful Time and Attendance System.
with Magnetic Locks, Bolts, Latches, Turnstiles,
Barriers etc.
» Advanced Time and Attendance System.
Biometric Solutions for interior door managment.
card holders on line under software control.
4000 card holders under software control.
door for upto 500card holders.
Text to your Requirements.
Company Logos, Photographs &
Encoding. Many other styles of ID Card available.
Printing. RFID (125Mhz), Barcode or Magnetic Stripe
Replacement or Extra ID Cards.
» Custom exports available from the Job Costing System.